Very Severe Mood Changes

Very Severe Mood Changes

Very Severe Mood Changes – for mental illness this time is the most dangerous thing although the mental illness is also dangerous but this is the most dangerous of all.

Bipolar disorder is a mental disorder characterized by drastic emotional changes. A person with bipolar disorder can experience manic (very happy) and depressive (very bad) symptoms. which is where the patient continues to experience a normal mood state. but it should be emphasized, depression and bipolar disorder are not the same thing.

which is when a person with bipolar disorder is sad, he will feel very depressed, lose hope, and can even lose the desire to carry out daily activities. However, when a happy episode occurs, he will feel very excited and full of passion. These mood changes can occur several times a year. which can lead to damaged personal relationships, low motivation and productivity in the workplace. This condition can also cause an even worse disorder, namely feelings of suicidal thoughts.

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People with bipolar who are entering a manic phase will look very different from people who are entering a phase of depression. That is why, bipolar sufferers are often said to have multiple personalities. The cause of bipolar disorder is unknown. However, it is suspected that bipolar disorder is the result of a disruption in natural compounds that function to maintain brain function (neurotransmitters). either from genetics or the environment

If you have found these signs in the person closest to you, try to see the development of bipolar disorder and also continue to support it so that it turns out that you think is wrong and if it turns out to be true, quickly take it to the hospital for follow-up

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