The Most Scary Mental Illness

The Most Scary Mental Illness – Basically disease can come anytime and anywhere. Some types of diseases sometimes still cannot be detected and the cause of their occurrence is known. Like a mental illness that really makes people feel untrue and always aloof.

While it’s fair to say that mental illness (any kind) can be scary for the sufferer, there are some rare disorders that are very scary for most people. Reported from various sources, this is one of them!

The Most Scary Mental Illness

1. Alien Hand Syndrome
Those with Alien Hand Syndrome lose complete control of one hand or the arm as a whole. This uncontrollable arm seems to have a mind and will of its own.

Alien Hand Syndrome sufferers report that their uncontrollable hands can do anything to the point of trying to strangle themselves. Alien Hand Syndrome most often appears in patients with Alzheimer’s Disease or Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease. Unfortunately, there is no cure for this mental disorder.

2. Boanthropy
Those who suffer from this rare – but very frightening – mental disorder called Boanthropy believe they are cows. Sufferers with Boanthropy are even found in fields with cows, walking on all fours and chewing grass as if they were true members of the herd.

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3. Capgras Delusion
Capras Delusion, named after Joseph Capgras, a French psychiatrist, is a mental disorder in which sufferers believe that those around them have been replaced by an imposter. In one case, a 74-year-old woman with Capgras Delusion began to believe that her husband had been replaced with an identical imposter and wanted to hurt him. The disease is relatively rare, and is most commonly seen after trauma to the brain, or in those who have been diagnosed with dementia, schizophrenia or epilepsy.

4. Cotard Delusion
This frightening mental disorder makes sufferers believe that they are zombies or even ghosts. Cotard Delusion sufferers believe that their body has decayed or that their body has lost all blood and internal organs.

This feeling of having a rotting body is usually part of a delusion, and it should come as no surprise that many sufferers of Cotard Delusion experience severe depression. In some cases, this delusion ends up starving the sufferer to death.

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