Megalomania Psychiatric Facts

Megalomania Psychiatric Facts – Maybe there are still many people who do not know what megalomania mental illness is. Megalomania disease is often experienced by certain people. Here are the facts

1. Symptoms of Mental Disorders

Megalomania means one of the symptoms of a mental disorder characterized by intense fantasies or violent behavior but the reality is not true. People with megalomania also feel adored and have impaired empathy.

Megalomania Psychiatric Facts

2. Power Thirst

Journal of ‘The Megalomaniac Traits of Personality: personality disorder, psychotic delusion or what? An ethological interpretation explains that megalomania syndrome prioritizes themselves and does not hesitate to eliminate their surroundings to dominate the environment they live in.

Although the goal is to protect the community, a person with megalomania syndrome will eventually lead to exploitation.

3. Part of Narcissism

Some experts see someone with mental illness or megalomania as narcissistic or narcissistic personality disorder in extreme conditions. In this condition, they see themselves as someone who is more capable, powerful and superior in all things.

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4. Tend to bend reality to satisfy egocentricity

Delusional megalomania was first introduced into psychology and psychiatry by Sigmud Freud. The Austrian neurologist says that delusional megalomania is part of the hallmark of mild mental disorders in adults, manifested by accumulated childhood experiences.

A person with megalomania strongly defends the ideas they have. They will not see their own faults, but will seek attachment to the opponent’s ideas. In other words, megalomaniacs tend to be selfish.

5. Lying to Get Confession

Megalomania is taken from the Greek, which means “big obsession”. How big a person’s obsession or overestimation of his abilities, called megalomania, has different levels.

Like a while ago. In the case of Dwi Hartanto, a Doctoral student at Technise Universiteit Delft in the Netherlands, who has been touted as “Habibie’s successor” because of his achievements in the field of aeronautics. Dwi admitted that he lied about his achievements.

The behavior of lying itself is something that arises from a person’s psychic impulse. Whether it is realized or not, including those related to the desire to get more recognition, this is called megalomania.

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