Doing an Excessive and Repetitive Thing

Doing an Excessive and Repetitive Thing

Doing an Excessive and Repetitive Thing – maybe for some people it is a natural thing if we do something that really has to be done repeatedly to make sure something is done is correct or not yet, but what turns out to be that this behavior is one of the mental disorders.

Obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD) is a mental disorder that causes sufferers to feel the need to take action repeatedly. If it is not done, people with OCD will be filled with anxiety or fear and can be experienced by anyone. although it is common in early adulthood, OCD can also occur in children or adolescents. Sometimes people with OCD may realize that their thoughts and actions are excessive, but still feel they have to and cannot avoid them.

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which usually OCD sufferers usually avoid the triggers of their obsession. Most adult sufferers even realize that their rituals don’t make sense. However, they couldn’t stop it. Symptoms can come and go and subside or get worse over time. which also occurs differences in the subcortical structure of the brain on examination with brain imaging tools. However, the relationship between OCD symptoms and abnormalities in this particular part of the brain is still being investigated.

Symptoms often occur with Fear such as fear of dirt, germs, fire, or physical damage can also be doubtful as to doubt whether a job has been done correctly, such as locking a door or turning off the stove and finally unreasonable thoughts such as aggression, unreasonable actions. inappropriate, or sexual acts

you have to keep monitoring it to make sure if it really happened just because it is only to make sure you suffer from one of these mental illnesses so it must be monitored,

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